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The Past Decade

What a monumental time we are living.

Right now. Possibly as monumental as the Civil War, or the American Revolution.

For Americans, our world has, in the past decade, rapidly began to spin out of control after the slow rot that has built up for over fifty years finally shows its corruption.

It seems we have crossed our peak. Now we are facing a war on terror, nationwide obesity, a crumbling economy, and a government that is no longer for the people, by the people.

We have elected our first black president, and on his shoulders hangs a burden as great as that of George Washington or Abraham Lincoln. It is now the pivotal moment, a hairline between majorly fucking up and saving what was once the leading country of the free world.

This is the time history will remember. There will be entire books on this era. Documentaries and historians will remember this time for hundreds of years.

I wonder what those books will say. Will they applaud Obama’s heroic moves that helps America back to her feet and once again into the great country she was? Or will they scornfully analyze the multiple ways Americans set up their own execution?

I am grateful and terrified to live in this time. I am observing something my children will only read about, something they will never be able to grasp as well as those who lived this time.

This decade is only the beginning, what happens next decides the future for the next hundred years.

Cheers, to this decade, the turn of a century. I hope all we have gained stay with us, and all we have lost fall behind.